Energade Rebrand Concept

Energade made its debut in 1993 as South Africa’s pioneering sports beverage. Thanks to its sponsorships of prominent organisations such as SA Rugby, Netball SA, and other significant teams, Energade swiftly gained recognition as a household brand linked to top-performing athletes, both male and female. By introducing a captivating array of flavours, Energade successfully crafted […]

Paco Rabanne

The Golden History Paco Rabanne was started in 1966 as a fashion company creating iconic, unique, unconventional designs and styles. The introduction of their first fragrance, ‘Calandre’ was released in 1969. Over the years of expansion and growth into these industries, the iconic ‘Gold Bar’ cologne, ‘One Million’, was released in 2008 and is now […]

Creative Blocks

The Taste of Creativity Take a colourful journey with Creative Blocks. This whole-grain, chocolate-filed cereal pillow will take you to places beyond your imagination and unlock your true creative potential. Creative Blocks are aimed at creatives and adults looking to expand their morning breakfast routine with a little bit of fun and chocolatey goodness.